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Pakistan - China Relations


China is not only a neighbour of Pakistan but also a great country. Pakistna has very friendly relaltion with China. Since its independence Pakistan has recognised China, thought Pakistan was under the American influence and Americans were totally against the recognition. The Relations between the two countries improved during 1950. Pakistan also disagreed with the United States declaring China as an aggressor due to Korean war.

While admitting the expansionist tendencies of Communist China in South East Asia-hence Pakistan's membership in SEATO - Pakistan had shown little concern over China as a threat to Pakistan itself. Pakistan was not only the first country to recognise China but it always supported China's claim to the Chinese seat in United Nations. Trading between the two countries began in 1950 and each year Pakistan turned to increase its export of cotton and jute to China. Apprehension over Great Britain's possible entry into the European common market had caused Pakistani salesmen to search for new market everywhere, particularly in Asia. In 1963, Pakistan and china signed a new trade agreement.

India attacked China but was beaten back. When Chineese troops entered deep into indian territory in the fall of 1962 and Indian troops retreated elation in Pakistan superseded any fear for Pakistan's territory . The brightening of Pakistan - China relations actually began when China and India started quarelling over defined Himalayas borders. In 1961, Pakistan approached China requesting negotiations over the borders of Azad Kashmir and China. On account of his negotiations Pakistan gained a territory of about 800 Square Miles.

Before long, Pakistan took other steps to strengthen its relations with China. In June, 1963, the head of Pakistan international Airlines visited China to work out details of air service from Karachi and Dhaka to cities of China.

At the same time, Chineese trade officials began arriving in Pakistan for new talks. In february 1964, Chineese Premier Late Chou Enlai visited Pakistan and declared thatCommunist China supported Pakistan's demand for a plebicite in Kashmir.

In the serious business of international relations, the old Machiavellian principle of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" Frequently guides a nation's policy for communist China, friendship with Pakistan was not only valuable but it fits the principle. In Chineese, Pakistan found a best and most reliable friend. China always helped Pakistan economically and military when there was no hope for external help. China also assisted Pakistan setting up a number of factories in Pakistan including Larkana Sugar Mills, Taxila Heavy Industries Complex. The relations between the two countries improved gradually.


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