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Essay : MY HOBBY


            Hobby means source of enjoyment and pleasure, pastime and using free time in some useful habits. Unfortunately, people in Pakistan (country) have few hobbies. It is not that we can spare some time for them but because we continuously in a state of idleness and do not feel the need for a hobby.

            The purpose served by a hobby is true delight and relaxation. There is also a sense of freedom from interference; a hobby is solely for the purpose of satisfying oneself. A hobby is thus a purely personal concern; free from material gain. But it is better if the hobby has some social values. Care must be taken that the hobby does not become trouble.

            Hobbies are of many types some like stamp collecting, drawing others take interest in gardening and painting. Some are interested in engraving but my hobby Is painting one can express himself through paints and colors. Such hobbies satisfy and please the on-lookers and visitors too.

            My hobby is very interesting and delightful. I have painted two hundred pictures, which depict our culture, customs, village life and town life. Some of them have received ‘national Awards’ and many prizes in the art gallery. I like my hobby very much because of creative work and beautiful art. They are the best among other hobbies and entertainment.  Some hobbies are very costly but mine I not so and I easily bear the expenses. –They also pay something in return when they are appreciated and liked by people and I am obliged to sell them at a reasonable price.

            It is my belief that hobbies serve as a side interest and should never become a passion, a source of income and we start to depend on them. They should be the source of amusement , happiness, passing tree time in a befitting manner.

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Pakistan and the United States Relations


In the early days of independence of pakistan, when it appeared that Britain was favouring India on the Subject of Kashmir, Pakistan looked longingly to the United States for friendship. Pakistan welcomed American Admiral Chester Nimitz as the first Plebiscite Administrator for Kashmir

Pakistan - China Relations


China is not only a neighbour of Pakistan but also a great country. Pakistna has very friendly relaltion with China. Since its independence Pakistan has recognised China, thought Pakistan was under the American influence and Americans were totally against the recognition. The Relations between the two countries improved during 1950. Pakistan also disagreed with the United States declaring China as an aggressor due to Korean war.